Q: How many copies do I need to purchase for Mechanical Licensing Fees?

A:  First, determine how many copies of EACH TRACK (most group members receive copies of multiple tracks) you will reproduce for your group members, then select the corresponding number of copies – rounding up.

Q: What are Mechanical Licensing Fees?

A:  Mechanical Licensing Fees are collected to pay royalties to the copyright owner for audio recordings of a Work.  The current cost of Mechanical License Fees is 9.1 cents per copy and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies.  The minimum cost is $2.28 per song.  

If the song is not in the public domain, then the copyright owner of the song is also the copyright owner of the arrangement.  When a song is in the public domain then the copyright holder of the arrangement (in most cases the arranger) owns the copyright to that arrangement, and is entitled to royalties.

Q: What fees are included in the studioDH Mechanical Licensing Fee service?

A:  The current cost of Mechanical License Fees is 9.1 cents per copy (up to 5min in length) and you must pay for a minimum of 25 copies.  The minimum cost is $2.28 per song.  

The Harry Fox Agency, which collects these fees for other copyright holders, charges a $16 processing fee per song licensed. This $16 fee is included in the studioDH listed price.  Additionally, studioDH charges a 3% fee which simply covers the credit card charges we incur by processing these fees for you.  studioDH makes no money filing these fees for you.  

When the copyright holder is David Harrington, we only charge the standard Mechanical License Fee rate of 9.1 cents (min. 25 copies) with no other processing fees.

Q: How many copies do I need to purchase (Per Copy Fees) for Arrangements?

A:  You need to purchase a copy for every physical copy of the arrangement you will print (ex: the number of members in your group).  The minimum number of copies is the number of parts in the arrangement.

Q: How do I order additional Per Copy Fees?

A: To order additional copies of sheet music of an arrangement for which your group has already paid the arranger’s fee, Contact Us and we’ll facilitate your request.

Q: How do I use my studioDH All Access Pass with this site?

A: Login to your account, add items to your cart, and upon check out all applicable discounts are automatically applied. You can also view discounts at anytime by viewing your cart contents. Be sure to note your pass expiration date. If your discounts are not automatically applying, please Contact Us!

Q: What makes an arrangement contestable for barbershop contest?

A: When studioDH indicates that an arrangement is contestable, that means that the arrangement (chords and form) are acceptable for barbershop competition (male and female). Please note, the actual performance of any contestable arrangement will determine how well the “arrangement” scores. Arrangements listed as contestable barbershop are not necessarily endorsed as being suitable for every group.

Q: Does studioDH arrange custom charts?

A: Yes. Contact Us to inquire about pricing and availability.

Q: What is your Preview Policy?

A: studioDH requires payment of the arranger’s fee, up front, for a 30-day preview. If, within the 30 day preview period, your group decides to not to use the arrangement, your money will be refunded, less a $7 processing fee.  If, within the 30-day preview period, your group decides to move forward with the arrangement, you an invoice will be sent to you with the applicable per copy fees due. Contact Us to request a preview invoice. Include your group name and email address to which the PayPal invoice should be sent. Invoice can be paid with debit, credit or PayPal account. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay the invoice.

Q: What is a "mini" arrangement?

A: We’ve started with 10 classic David Harrington barbershop arrangements! Popular songs masterfully re-worked to capture the heart of each quality chart. Available in both men’s voicing and women’s voicing, these quick to learn and easy to sing “mini” arrangements sit comfortably in the singer’s range. The PERFECT answer for a Singing Valentine musical make-over! And, you can use them year round! This is a game changer. It’s like…where have these been my whole barbershop life?!

Q: What is a MIDI (instrumental) learning track?

A: A MIDI track is an instrumental track (not vocal). It is delivered in the mp3 format. Each set of MIDI tracks includes 1 full mix, 4 part alone, 4 part predominant and 4 part missing. 13 total tracks

Q: How does this automated site work?

A: studioDH offers a hands on, hassle free, no wait experience for the customer. Add items to your cart, check out, and get instant access to download links for your sheet music (PDFs) or learning tracks (mp3s). (Exception: CDs of Recordings are shipped). Simply create an Account (always free), using your email address and a password you create, and you’ll also be able to access your downloads anytime, on any device. As long as you have internet access, and have set up your password protected account, you’ll always have access to your music! It’s safe, it’s easy and super convenient!

Q: Can you give me a step-by-step on how to order using this site?

A: How to purchase directly from this website:
1. Locate products by selecting shop links, category links or using the search field.
2. A list of results will display. Click on the title of the product and this will take you to the product page. (NOTE: Learning tracks are accessed on each product page. Each product page has a link included that will take you to the product page for purchasing learning tracks.
3. Once on the product page you can select the number of copies of the product you will require, from the drop down menu. Then, click the “add to cart” button.
4. Continue searching for and adding products to your cart until you are ready to check out. (You can view the contents of your cart at anytime by hovering over the shopping cart icon located in the upper right of the screen, or by clicking the cart button.)
5. When you are ready to checkout, click on the shopping cart icon.
6. Once in your cart, verify the items. If applicable, enter a coupon code in the field that says “Enter Coupon”, then click the “Apply Coupon” button and the discount will apply to the total. If you are a pass holder, your discounts will automatically apply.
7. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” button.
8. Follow the instructions by filling in the requested fields. Then, click “Proceed to PayPal”. studioDH uses PayPal as a payment processing center. As such, you do NOT need to have PayPal account in order to make a payment using your debit or credit card. Once you click the “Proceed to PayPal” button, there will be a tab link for making a payment via debit or credit card.
9. Once your transaction is complete, you can access your purchases instantly (CDs are the exception as these are shipped) by logging into your account and clicking on the links under “Available Downloads”. You will also receive an email confirming your order and that email will contain a link(s) you can click to access your items. Learning track links, when clicked, will initiate a download of the tracks to your device’s downloads folder.

Q: I can't hear the demos on your site. How can I fix that?

A: Try downloading and using a different internet browser. Suggestions (free downloads): Google Chrome (Mac or Windows) or Safari (Mac). These are advanced enough browsers to handle a wide variety of audio and video media on websites.