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A one-time payment of $399 is required, up-front, before the offer expires, to lock in this special price and secure David Harrington’s arranging services. To make your one-time payment, add this product “Custom DH Arrangement Package” to your cart and then proceed to checkout and complete your order. Upon completion of your order and confirmation of receipt of payment, you will have locked in David Harrington’s arranging services, and you will be contacted by David via email within 24hrs after your purchase to begin discussing song titles! Remember, the order of arranging is on a first come, first served basis, so don’t wait!

Here are all the details of what you’ll receive:

ARRANGING SERVICES: This secures David Harrington’s arranging services to create one (1), custom-fit, single song, a cappella arrangement for your group (or a group of your choice). The maximum number of parts is four (4). This can be arranged for all male voices, all female voices, or mixed voices (no vocal percussion). The arrangement can be as short as you’d like, but no longer than 4min. David will arrange to the level you request (ex: easy, medium, complex) and in the style you’d like! You’ll also discuss other features such as if you want a certain vocal part to post a tag, if you prefer a bold, loud tag, or soft tag, as well as other features like solo parts, or having the melody passed around. David can also arrange a jingle type of arrangement that can be used to open and close a set, with your group name in it! There are a lot of options, and David is happy to discuss them with you as he begins the process of creating your NEW custom arrangement!

MEDLEYS: If you want a medley, you’ll be invoiced an additional $200 for each additional song, to be paid before David begins arranging. Total time of medley not to exceed 4min.

MORE THAN 4-PARTS: If you’d like the arrangement to be more than 4-parts, you’ll be invoiced an additional $100 per part, before David begins arranging.

SONG SELECTION, LICENSING, DELIVERY DATE, EXCLUSIVITY: Together, you and David Harrington will discuss song titles, difficulty level, and the style of arrangement you’d like. The song selected will have to be one that you both agree upon, and the song must be one for which the copyright holder grants permission to arrange. David Harrington will cover all applicable permission to arrange fees and per copy fees. The number of copies licensed will not exceed the number of members in the group. Additional future copies for this group can be requested. Once permission to arrange is granted by the applicable copyright holder(s), David will ask you for the top and bottom ranges of each voice part. You will also discuss and agree upon a completion date. The typical turn-around time is 4-weeks from the time permission to arrange is granted (not from the time of purchase of this special offer). The arrangement will be exclusive to your group for one year from the time the arrangement is delivered. After one year, David will decide whether or not to offer it for sale on the website. Note: In the event permission to arrange is not granted by a copyright holder, David will let you know and you can discuss another song title to pursue.

DELIVERABLES: When the arrangement is complete, you’ll receive a digital file of the sheet music (PDF) and a full set of instrumental learning tracks (mp3s): full mix; part alone; part predominant; part left, and part missing, from David Harrington. The tracks will include suggested pacing.

EDITS: Minor edits, mutually agreed upon, will be provided at no additional cost. Examples of minor edits are a different tag or a different key change. Any major requested re-working will be discussed and agreed upon between you and David as to how much additional time and cost would be involved before any work is done.

GUARANTEE: Arranging is subjective. As such, David agrees to provide a quality arrangement to the best of his ability, according to the guidelines you both agree upon. As well, when you purchase this Custom DH Arrangement Package you agree to accept the quality of David Harrington’s work. All correspondence will be in writing to assure that agreements are met. If David does not deliver the arrangement to you, per your mutually agreed upon terms, you will be refunded your $399 USD.

Contact Us with additional questions, or to request a PDF of these terms.

As an added bonus, once you learn your NEW custom arrangement, you have the option to schedule a free, 2-hr Skype Coaching Session with Holly & David Harrington! You can use this 2 hour session as a consultation with your director or music team, or as a coaching session for your group on your NEW custom arrangement! Note: If you’re interested in an in-person coaching session, Contact Us to inquire about logistics and additional costs.