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First, pay a one-time fee of $99 to activate your All Access Pass status (one group name per pass)
Then, for the next 12 months, get ANY and AS MANY David Harrington arrangements as you’d like from, for your group, and pay NO ARRANGER FEES! You ONLY pay the LOW per copy fees:
$1.25 per copy (single songs)
$2.00 per copy (medleys)
PLUS you’ll save 85% on all studioDH learning tracks available from; $10 for available vocal sets, $5 for available instrumental sets

You’ll save hundreds…even thousands because the Pass guarantees access to the best discounts for a FULL YEAR! And all Pass discounts apply automatically.

Your pass discounts also apply to all NEW Harrington releases (charts and tracks) over the next 12 months – many already finished and waiting, with lots more to come! Charts for Women, Men and Mixed! You’ll get notified when new releases are available. And, when your pass is getting ready to expire, we’ll send a friendly reminder. It’s an easy and affordable way for your group to take your time to browse, try out A LOT of music, and build your repertoire without breaking your budget!
Go ahead, raid the fridge!

Once you purchase your All Access Pass, you’ll then receive an email directly from David Harrington confirming that your 12 month All Access Pass account status is active! To have your All Access Pass discounts apply automatically, you’ll login to your account first, and then add items to your cart. Discounts can be viewed in your cart at anytime. Once your order is complete, you’ll get instant access the music!

NOTE: Choruses can order a minimum of 4 copies of an arrangement for the purposes of previewing the arrangement. Additional copies can then be requested via the Contact Us page, at the per copy price of $1.25 a copy (single songs) or $2.00 a copy (medleys).

Track discounts do not apply to any third party tracks used as demos or recommended at Be sure to see which studioDH tracks are available, so you will know what to expect.

NOTE: ONE group name per pass.

Passes are not transferable.