“You Are My Sunshine” – women’s 4-part COMBO (Arrangement + Vocal Tracks)


One of the world’s most familiar songs arranged to be the most versatile Singing Telegram! Charming, easy-to-sing, and the perfect length (1:15). Includes a brief voice-over spot and versatile tag, so you can personalize every delivery with ease! Or, skip the voice-over section and you won’t miss a beat! Perfect for Singing Valentines, Mother’s Day, and other Special Days. This is a FRESH chart you’ll LOVE using over and over again!

Purchase includes: sheet music with suggested voice-over words (or, feel free to write your own), PLUS vocal learning tracks sets for all three tag lyric versions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Special Day). Vocal track sets include: Full Mix (with voice-over); Full Mix (without voice-over); Part Predom; Part Alone; Part Left; Part Missing

FOR MIXED: Could be sung as SAAT

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